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Technical Support:

537-07-00 (24х7)

Connection Settings:

  • Connection type - PPPoE

  • VPI = 0    VCI = 35

  • Username - phone_number

  • Password - phone_number

  • DNS 1 -

  • DNS 2 -

  • Modem Settings:

        1. TP-Link

        2. ZyXel


    Phone Number


    What is STREAM?

       STREAM - a revolutionary broadband technology that provides significant advantages over conventional dial-up connection

       Get the desired speed - 10 times faster than dial-up!
    - Play online games without delay, and enjoy high-quality multimedia services;
    - Download large files and send / receive mail in seconds.

        Surf the Internet and talk on the phone - at one and the same time on the same line!
    - Say "No" missed calls because of the Internet - as if you have two lines;
    - No need to make a choice between talking on the phone and Internet use - now you can do it all at once.

        Instant, always-at-hand, unlimited internet access!
    - There is no need to wait until the modem get through;
    - Do not pay the ATS for the opening of access to the Internet.

       Various additional features!
    - Access to the archive of music and movies;
    - Access to the game server;
    - Access to the radio server;

    Company Address:

      Head Office:

      AZ1000, Azerbaijan,

      Baku, Latif Imanov 37a,

      Phone: (+99412)493-07-07

      Fax: (+99412)493-00-60


      Akhmedli office:

      Baku, Saraevo 186F
      (Cinema Baku 1st floor)

      Phone: (+99412)537-07-00


    Payment via MilliÖn terminal

    Now subscribers can pay Stream Internet access through an electronic payment terminals MilliÖn

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    Join to Nar-CityNet as of May and enjoy free Internet during summer.

    Dear subscribers! Happy New Year 2016! Wish all success and prosperity!

    Schedule of our offices in the following holidays:
    31 december - 10:00 - 18:00
    1 january - 11:00 - 18:00
    (Office nearest Sahil m.will not work)
    2-3 january - 10:00 - 19:00
    4 january - 09.00 - 19.00

    Technical support services are fully guaranteed.

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