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Connection Settings:

  • Connection type - PPPoE

  • VPI = 0    VCI = 35

  • Username - phone_number

  • Password - phone_number

  • DNS 1 -

  • DNS 2 -

  • Modem Settings:

        1. TP-Link

        2. ZyXel

  • Frequently Asked Questions.

    1) What do I need to connect?

    2) The indicator (LED) «ADSL» on the modem is flashing or not lit. What should I do?

    3) I changed the modem set up but the indicator (LED) «Internet» on the modem is flashing or not lit.

    4) Can I use an ADSL connection to browse the Internet from multiple computers?

    5) We use the mini-ATS in our office. Can I connect to the internet?

    6) I have connected to the Internet technology ADSL. Everything works, but when I try to call from parallel phone - the connection is dropped.

    7) After connecting to the Internet via ADSL technologies on starting Internet Explorer there is always a message of Dial-Up connection.

    8) On installing ADSL in the office, can I use the same internet at home?

    9) Can I make phone calls while working in the Internet? How does it work?

    10) I have blocked line. Can I connect to the Internet via ADSL technology?

    11) What is the difference between static and dynamic IP addresses? How to activate a static IP-address?

    12) What are the SNR Margin and Line Attenuation? What do they depend on and where can I see them?

    13) Can I see statistics of my traffic?

    1) To connect you need your ATS is present in the list served by ATS, while there should not be set any special equipment, on telephone line such as: hardware compression telephone lines, fire alarms, interlocks, and etc.

    2) This LED is an indicator of a successful installation and connection your at modem to the station modem (on ATS).

    If the LED «ADSL» is flashing or not lit, the ADSL-modem can not communicate with the statin modem. This may be for the following reasons:

  • incorrect wiring diagram of parallel phone or modem;    

  • bad contact in the connectors of telephone wires that are connected to the splitter and the ADSL-modem;    

  • problems with splitter;    

  • "freeze" of the modem;    

  • line noise or interruption;

    3) There is the binding to mac-address of network device in our system. If you are replace a modem, please contact our support team.

    4) Yes, provided the union of computers in the local network.

    5) Yes, you can. Frequency divider (splitter) is installed to the mini-ATS.

    6) You connect the splitter incorrectly. All telephones (fax) must be connected after the splitter.

    7) Open the property of Internet Explorer, and point not to use a default connection.

    8) ADSL - a technology dedicated channel, so the location of Internet access geographically coincides with the place of installation. To access the Internet from home, you can use our dial up connection.

    9) Yes. This is one of the most attractive features of the technology ADSL. This is achieved by using frequency division channel. To there you are in the same range of frequencies, and data is transferred to the other, not interfering with each other.

    10) Unfortunately - no. ADSL router does not work in blocked lines (blockers, ACD, multigain, fire and security alarm).

    11) On connecting the subscriber gets the public IP address (public IP), while the address is given dynamically, and thus, IP-address is not tied to a specific user channel.
    On making a request for static IP-address you will receive an individual Ip address, which is tied to your login and remains constant at each connection.

    12) These are the parameters that reflect the physical characteristics of the line.
      SNR Margin - Signal Noise Rate. Simply put divide the Signal value by Noise Value and you get SNR. You need high SNR for a stable connection. In general, a higher signal to noise ratio will result in less errors.
    7 dB or below — Bad and will experience no line synchronisation and frequent disconnections.
    7 dB - 10 dB — Fair but does not leave much room for variances in conditions.
    10 dB - 20 dB — Good with little or no disconnection problems.
    20 dB - 29 dB — Excellent.
    29 dB and above — Outstanding.

      Line Attenuation - In gerneral, attenuation is the loss of signal over distance. Unfortunately, dB loss is not just dependent on distance. It also depends on cable type and gauge (which can differ over the length of the cable), the number and location other connection points on the cable.
    20 dB and below— Outstanding
    20 dB - 40 dB — Very Good
    40 dB - 50 dB — Good
    50 dB - 60 dB — Poor and may experience connectivity issues
    60 dB and above — Bad and will experience connectivity issues Line attenuation also affects your speed.
    SNR Margin and Line Attenuation you can be found in your modem.

    13) Yes. Visit our website:, enter your phone number in place «number» and «password», and click Login. On the left menu, select "Statistics"

  • NEWS
    Office closing

    Dear subscribers!
    Please be advised that 1st march 2018 the point of payment store NEO Computers (Rashid Behbudov st.60a) will be closed.
    Subscribers can pay for internet in the head office of the company Latif Imanov 37a street (near the metro station "Elmler Akademiyasi") and at the address Saraevo 20a street (Baku Cinema 1st floor).

    Payment via MilliÖn terminal

    Now subscribers can pay Stream Internet access through an electronic payment terminals MilliÖn

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