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Subscriber contract

Connection Settings:

  • Connection type - PPPoE

  • VPI = 0    VCI = 35

  • Username - phone_number

  • Password - phone_number

  • DNS 1 -

  • DNS 2 -

  • Modem Settings:

        1. TP-Link

        2. ZyXel

  • Leased line

        Leased line technology SDSL - a convenient, practical and inexpensive solution for connecting your company or organization to the Internet. Technology SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) provides the same (symmetric) data transfer rate as to a subscriber, and from him, due to what it is a service of high quality in comparison with its nearest competitor - technology, but the service is more expensive. On connecting to SDSL the telephone line is not busy, the connection is all day without connection breaks. The minimum guaranteed speed of SDSL is 1024 kbit/s, maximum - 5120 mbit/s.

  • Standard Rate:

        Access to the Internet without traffic
       Recommended for firms which employees are active users at Internet resources. Incoming and outgoing traffic are provided with virtually no restrictions.

    Connection speed Connection price Monthly fee Traffic
    1024 kbit/s 68 AZN 199 man/month unlimited
    2048 kbit/s 68 AZN 399 man/month unlimited
    3072 kbit/s 68 AZN 499 man/month unlimited
    4096 kbit/s 68 AZN 599 man/month unlimited
    5120 kbit/s 68 AZN 799 man/month unlimited

        Connection fee at the rate of "Standard" include:

  • organization of direct communication link;

  • UniNet network connection;

  • the provision of subscriber modem interface (Ethernet);

  • configuring IP-routing of traffic to a PC or subscriber’s server;

  • five fixed IP-addresses (Public-IP).

    * - "Standard" plan is not intended for organizations involved in implementation of Internet services.

    Additional Services:

    Service Price
    Additional IP-address 2 man/month
    Installation of network cable (category 5) in the office of the subscriber 1 man/meter
    Configure routing on the LAN subscriber 50 man
    Configuring the FreeBSD and necessary services
    (www, pop3, smtp, ftp, proxy, firewall) on the server extension
    120 man
    Check out the technical staff of a subscriber 4 man
    Hour of employee technical department. 10 man

        For more information about tariff call to our sales department UniNet on multi-channel telephone 493-07-07.
        You can send a request to verify the technical capacity and the connection to SDSL technology right now.

  • NEWS
    Office closing

    Dear subscribers!
    Please be advised that 1st march 2018 the point of payment store NEO Computers (Rashid Behbudov st.60a) will be closed.
    Subscribers can pay for internet in the head office of the company Latif Imanov 37a street (near the metro station "Elmler Akademiyasi") and at the address Saraevo 20a street (Baku Cinema 1st floor).

    Payment via MilliÖn terminal

    Now subscribers can pay Stream Internet access through an electronic payment terminals MilliÖn

    Free optic Internet for summer!!

    A unique opportunity for Uninet subscribers.
    Join to Nar-CityNet as of May and enjoy free Internet during summer.

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