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Technical Support (24x7)

(012) 493-07-07
(012) 537-07-00
(012) 488-77-77

Subscriber contract

Connection Settings:

  • Connection type - PPPoE

  • VPI = 0    VCI = 35

  • Username - phone_number

  • Password - phone_number

  • DNS 1 -

  • DNS 2 -

  • Modem Settings:

        1. TP-Link

        2. ZyXel

  • Unlimited tariffs Freedom

    Package Name Speed
    Monthly payment
    Regional * (for regions) 2 10
    Step 3 12
    Basic 5 15
    Start 8 20
    Active 10 30
    Econom 15 40
    Turbo 24 80

       !!! - Connection speed in all Tariff Plans are directly depend on the user's phone line and the distance between the user and the ATS
            Pay for 12 months and get 10% discount!
            Discount is considered for homeowners who don't have current owe and can be regarded valid only by paying in UniNet offices..
       1) Connection to ADSL service is free of charge in all tariff plans. Re-subscription, or restoration in other words, is 5 AZN (not applicable to internet clubs).
       2) Upload traffic on all tariff plans is free and is not counted..
       3) Speed in Unlimited "Freedom" tariff plans will be deducted down to 1 Mbit / s within a period of 15 days without warning, if the user does not pay for the payment in time.
       4) Installing and configuring modem at the subscriber's home or office will cost 5 manats.
       5) Monthly payment for static ip address is 5 AZN
       6) The minimum tariff plans for legal entities, companies, facilities, and etc. is 20 azn.
       7) Internet-clubs are only applying to a tariff plan "Turbo Freedom". All bonus campaigns that are held are not part of this category. The internet service for the user who has signed an agreement as a homeowner or an organization will be terminated without any warnings and without the subscription fee refund.

    Office closing

    Dear subscribers!
    Please be advised that 1st march 2018 the point of payment store NEO Computers (Rashid Behbudov st.60a) will be closed.
    Subscribers can pay for internet in the head office of the company Latif Imanov 37a street (near the metro station "Elmler Akademiyasi") and at the address Saraevo 20a street (Baku Cinema 1st floor).

    Payment via MilliÖn terminal

    Now subscribers can pay Stream Internet access through an electronic payment terminals MilliÖn

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