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Technical Support (24x7)

(012) 493-07-07
(012) 537-07-00
(012) 488-77-77

Subscriber contract

Connection Settings:

  • Connection type - PPPoE

  • VPI = 0    VCI = 35

  • Username - phone_number

  • Password - phone_number

  • DNS 1 -

  • DNS 2 -

  • Modem Settings:

        1. TP-Link

        2. ZyXel

  • TP-Link modem settings

    1. Open any browser and enter the address
         enter the password (default login: admin, password: admin).
    2. Delete all PVC (0-7) at Interface Setup.

    3. After removing all: PVC at Status all should be as below:

    4.    Next step Quick Start > Run Wizard.

    5. NEXT

    6. Connection Type: PPPoE/PPPoA.

    7. username and password your phone numer, VPI/VCI NEXT.

    8. SSID - wifi access name.
        Authentication Type - select WPA-PSK
        Pre-Shared Key - your wifi access password min.8 -max.63.

    9. NEXT.

    10. After successful setup everything should be as in picture.

    *For more information, please contact support.
    Office closing

    Dear subscribers!
    Please be advised that 1st march 2018 the point of payment store NEO Computers (Rashid Behbudov st.60a) will be closed.
    Subscribers can pay for internet in the head office of the company Latif Imanov 37a street (near the metro station "Elmler Akademiyasi") and at the address Saraevo 20a street (Baku Cinema 1st floor).

    Payment via MilliÖn terminal

    Now subscribers can pay Stream Internet access through an electronic payment terminals MilliÖn

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